Sandy was born and raised in Tennessee, but now lives in Texas.   Growing up in a small southern town, Sandy's mom made sure that there were lots of vacations - the cool road trip kind.  Ya' know where you pack a cooler and sleep in the car at rest areas?...  It was those road trips with the aunts, grandma and cousins, where Sandy learned the value of family, roots and how to enjoy life.  Her love of travel was born in those last minute weekend trips to Nashville to see her aunt and cousins or all of them heading out to some other little town for the day.   Sandy learned at an early age the quaintness of a road trip.   Eventually Sandy's love of travel flowed into her love of history, geneaology, teaching and finally photography.  

In 1973, Sandy (age 5), her mom, aunt and cousin spent 2 weeks traveling around the Philippine Islands with missionaries from the Christian Childrens' Fund (Sandy's mom and aunt both sponsored girls through the program).  

In1998, Sandy spent 6 weeks traveling across Europe, while at the same time completing her student teaching requirements for her masters program.

In 2010, Sandy and her dog, Lucy, spent 6 weeks driving across the Middle America (15 states and 8,000+ miles) visiting historic places, having adventures and taking over 8000 photographs.

A Southern Girl's View is simply the world through Sandy's camera lens ;)